Revenue Strategists Revenue Strategists is about the art of revenue generation – about one person’s hard knocks, wild rides, and lessons learned over the past 20-plus years of making it in the world of revenue generation.   It’s about trying to drive revenue for everything from semiconductor capital equipment used to debug new Intel microprocessors, to off-shore software development, to supplying newly constructed Ethan Allen Furniture Stores with a complete millwork (cabinetry, trim and moulding) package for creating a buyer experience (displaying their furnishings), to marketing youth basketball programming and training systems over the internet, and many more products and services in between.  Some topics will take us to downtown San Jose, California and others to the country of India and brigadier generals in the Indian army.  All reflections will be about revenue generation, with the goal of giving the reader quick and useful idea stimulation for creating and driving their own revenue strategies.


The Author Greg Van Ess is a senior revenue strategist with over 25 years of experience at the local, national and multi-national/multi-cultural levels. Passionate about applications of technology, music, competitive sports, adventure, variety, and especially revenue generation. His industrial background spans the bandwidth of advanced technology arenas, small business ownership, youth sports, and nonprofit organizations.


Specialties Strategic & Field Operating Executive; Public, Foreign, Private, Private Equity, Non-Profit Companies; Global Semiconductor Markets, Wireless, Telecom, Internet-based Products & Services; North America, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Romania, France; Fortune 500 Experience, Business Acquisition & Ownership, Management Consulting; Foreign Market Development; Business Planning and Launch; Large Account Capture and Development; Sales Assets Development; Revenue-Focused Strategy and Execution; Equity, Non-Equity Financing.

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